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Neighborhood News

KNO- Kenwood Neighborhood Organization has been making headlines for many years, and we’re excited to share the good news with you. Making sure our community maintains its high standard of living takes time and effort, so getting honorable mentions from the press makes us feel like our hard work is paying off. Read below for all the latest updates.

How will Southwest Light Rail Transit  construction affect you? 
Find out on March 20.     

Southwest LRT construction will involve road closures, noise, vibration, construction traffic and more.     


Many neighbors are concerned about the potential for vibration damage to their homes.  


The Met Council's SWLRT project office (SPO) will meet with the community to inform us of their construction schedule and discuss these issues.  


Wednesday, March 20

7:00 p.m.
Kenwood Community Center 

2101 W Franklin Ave


The meeting is sponsored jointly by the Cedar-Isles-Dean Neighborhood Association and Kenwood Neighborhood Organization.  

Please use the link below to view the Southwest Lightrail Presentation.

Kenwood Neighborhood Organization

2017–2019 Neighborhood Priorities Plan Survey

At the end of 2016, the Kenwood Neighborhood Organization (KNO) surveyed the neighborhood to help identify neighborhood priorities for 2017-2019. We publicized the opportunity to participate widely, and received 125 responses.  We greatly appreciate those who took the time to respond.

For the survey, the all-volunteer KNO board identified 12 possible priorities, and respondents were asked to rate these on a scale from one to five (one being not at all important, five being very important). They were also asked about problems, issues, and opportunities for the neighborhood.  Here is what you told us:

1.  Addressing SWLRT impacts

Addressing the impacts of Southwest LRT, if it is built, was by far the neighborhood’s highest priority, with 80% of respondents saying they consider it “very important.”  The average rating for this priority was 4.54.  Examples of neighbors’ elaboration on the issue include:

“SWLRT is a huge issue and one that we need to assure has the least possible impact as far as noise, etc., both during construction and once running.  Assuring the SWLRT takes every step to reduce their noise (no bells and horns, etc.) and that the area is built out to mitigate noise (berms, natural and built structures, etc.) will be critical.

2.  Protecting our Lakes

“Promoting landscaping that protects our lakes,” with an average rating of 4.22, was considered the second highest priority.  About 53% of respondents ranked it as “5 – Very important.”

“As a neighborhood of lakes, proactively promote protecting the environment, in particular water quality in the lakes.”

3.  Policing East Cedar Beach

Items relating to East Cedar Beach (Hidden Beach) were also deemed important, though not quite rising to the level of the first two issues.  This may reflect the success of recent KNO initiatives; serious problems have declined significantly over the past two years, so ECB issues may seem less urgent.  “Additional police patrols” at ECB ranked as the third top priority at 3.79, “capital improvements” at ECB averaged 3.38, and “sports and youth arts programming” at ECB averaged 3.32.

“Hidden beach continues to be an issue.  I like the approaches that have been started and hope they continue.”

4.  Supporting Kenwood Recreation Center

At an average rating of 3.64, supporting Kenwood Recreation/Community Center programming comes in just below policing East Cedar Beach.  Related to this, capital improvements at Kenwood Park are also seen as somewhat important with an average rating of 3.35.

5.  Sponsoring neighborhood events; supporting Kenwood School

These two categories round out the top priorities, both with an average rating of 3.34.

Addressing parking congestion in Downtown Kenwood, creating “public art installations” and “expanding Nice Ride bike share in the neighborhood” all ranked at 3.0 (somewhat important) or below.

Please review our MPLS 2040 “Draft” Comprehensive Plan Response from our meeting held on July 13, 2018